Transmission and feedback

Leine & Linde and LTN Servotechnik will give you easy access to the best solutions for transmission and feedback. We are sister companies in the same company group, and now we are combining our sales forces to optimise our presence on several markets. Let us serve you with all our knowledge and experience!

Leine & Linde

Leine & Linde develops and manufactures robust encoder solutions for speed and position feedback in automation, motors and drive systems. The products are renowned for their accurate performance, durability and resistance to external impact, which make them the most appreciated in heavy-duty operations and harsh environments. Moreover, Leine & Linde provides solutions for condition monitoring, which help securing production uptime, and functional safety solutions to achieve safe, efficient working environments.

LTN Servotechnik GmbH

LTN Servotechnik GmbH is specialised to provide components to the international machine builders and plant engineering industry. The product range includes slip rings for clear signal and load transmission, fail-safe resolvers for open & closed-loop control tasks and rotary joints for precise fibre-optic information systems. With 250 highly skilled employees working closely in partnership with customers and suppliers, new and brilliant ideas for transmission and feedback are constantly being realized, perfectly matched to the applications and needs of the clients. This explains why the company keeps the position as a leading supplier of components for automation, motors, and drives systems.

Leine & Linde LTN S.L

With effect January the 1st, 2019, the Leine & Linde office in Spain changed its name to Leine & Linde LTN S.L, with the same address and the same high level of ambition to care for the clients. Leine & Linde LTN is able to offer an expanded range of products, with slip rings and resolvers from LTN in addition to the wind products it is already selling, and of course the Leine & Linde high-quality, robust encoders for heavy-duty industry applications.