Leine Linde LTN - Two strong brands, working with a joint sales organisation for many parts of the world.

Group portrait for sales and product managers at Leine Linde and LTN Servotechnik

Leine Linde and LTN – stronger together!

From designing and delivering products which answer to global needs, we have learned to provide the most useful solutions for engineers, both at the original equipment manufacturing companies (OEM) and at the plants and production units on local sites.

You can benefit from this knowledge and experience from both our companies. Ask us for products or solutions at an early stage of development or automation projects.

Closer. Faster. At your service.

The Leine Linde LTN offices strive to be your closest contact point for encoders, resolvers, slip rings, sensor solutions and technology for transmission of power and signals.

With more than 50 years of experience, we have fine-tuned our knowledge and processes, to find or design the right solutions in the right time.

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Both Leine Linde and LTN work with the aim to be close to our customers, and easy to get in touch with! Contact our experienced sales teams near your region, and we will help you.

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Leine Linde and LTN - we believe in technology

Leine Linde LTN graphical element Leine Linde LTN is the contact point for two strong brands within industrial automation. The companies are sisters within the same company group, working on the global market with experience, care and reliability since more than 50 years in business.