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Encoders, slip rings, resolvers and sensors for pulp and paper application

Pulp & Paper Industry

Implementing the latest technology in pulp & paper industries becomes easy when using a supplier who works with global needs. Leine Linde’s reliable and future-proof encoders make sure the paper machines can work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without unplanned breaks.

Encoders, slip rings, resolvers and sensors for wind application

Wind Energy Industry

Leine Linde LTN is the main point of contact within the HEIDENHAIN group of companies for wind energy industry. We represent the group-wide wind industry sales for Leine Linde, LTN Servotechnik, E+E Electronics and other HEIDENHAIN companies.



With slip rings and rotary connectors specially designed to meet aviation requirements, LTN Servotechnik provides solutions to enable contacting transmission not only of power but also of digital and analogue signals with the full 360 degrees of freedom – even in flight-critical systems.

Access Systems

A well-designed access or transit system makes people naturally move forward. For this, the slip ring solutions from LTN Servotechnik play a major role. Reliably working, also outdoors and exposed to moisture or snow and dirt.

Camera sytems

Camera Systems

In addition to supplying power, LTN slip rings transmit video signals in HD and up to UHD TV quality (or 4K60 Hz), so that the latest camera technology can be used also to deliver high-resolution panoramic pictures. LTN resolvers can simultaneously provide feedback on the angular position or to enable precise alignment of the cameras at the control centre.

Encoders, slip rings, resolvers and sensors for medical application

Medical Engineering

Our slip rings – developed according to this maxim – are used, amongst other things, in free-hanging lamps in operating theatres or wherever control data for medical robots has to be transmitted, for instance when carrying out minimally invasive procedures.

Encoders, slip rings, resolvers and sensors for motors and drives

Motor & Drive Systems

Smooth-running motors, hassle-free operations. Optimize the motor performance. Synchronize speed smoothly in connected units. Leine Linde and LTN both develop world-leading solutions for speed and position feedback for the motor and drives systems. The best feedback solutions will enable a longer motor life and ensure the best possible return from machine investments as well as energy consumption. 

Group portrait for sales and product managers at Leine Linde and LTN Servotechnik

Leine Linde and LTN – stronger together!

From designing and delivering products which answer to global needs, we have learned to provide the most useful solutions for engineers, both at the original equipment manufacturing companies (OEM) and at the plants and production units on local sites.

You can benefit from this knowledge and experience from both our companies. Ask us for products or solutions at an early stage of development or automation projects.