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The right technology helps when handling large crowds.

A well-designed access or transit system makes people naturally move forward. For this, the slip ring solutions from LTN Servotechnik play a major role. Reliably working, also outdoors and exposed to moisture or snow and dirt, for example on ski slopes, the slip rings can combine power transmission with access control of the kind typically found in football stadiums or at airports.

LTN makes complex so easy, also when it comes to two-, three- or four-leafed revolving doors in buildings. The three- and four-leafed variants must have an appropriate escape mechanism while the two-wing revolving doors require angle monitoring to prevent draughts. In many cases, the available installation space is also severely limited by stylistic criteria. The slip ring brings the best solutions, sometimes in combination with a counter or an encoder.

LTN slip ring combinations can supply power to advertising spaces or lights, while driving the motors and simultaneously transmit signals for video or control of the safety system via a continuous hollow shaft. Fully assembled with plugs, the rings are tested and ready to deploy in even the most confined conditions.

The following are just a few typical examples of our solution strategies, where more information can be found on the LTN website. Please contact one of our sales representatives. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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