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In addition to supplying power, LTN slip rings transmit video signals in HD and up to UHD TV quality (or 4K60 Hz), so that the latest camera technology can be used also to deliver high-resolution panoramic pictures. LTN resolvers can simultaneously provide feedback on the angular position or to enable precise alignment of the cameras at the control centre.

CCTV cameras are generally used twenty-four hours a day. Cameras in outdoor areas are exposed to wind, weather and extreme temperatures. Many surveillance cameras rotate a full 360 degrees about the pan axis. Video signals must be reliably transmitted in real time from the rotating to the stationary part of the unit. Oscillating swivel movements will cause ordinary copper cables to break after a short time, in which case the video transmission will no longer work. Let us help you to design the most reliable solutions, adapted to your needs.

The following are just a few typical examples of our solution strategies, where more information can be found on the LTN website. Please contact one of our sales representatives. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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