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Leine Linde makes encoders with dual set of heavy-duty bearings and protecting encapsulations, known for withstanding shock, heavy use, vibrations and shifting or high temperatures. By listening to the motor manufacturers as well as to the end-users, Leine Linde has created a wide range of customizable options within the different encoder series, with a possible production time that can be as short as 24 hours. All the encoders are robust for their size. Incremental, absolute, dual output, functional safety, and many more encoder solutions are available for you.

LTN’s resolvers also provide very robust and flexible solutions for motor control and as position feedback. The impregnated resolvers, with epoxy resin employed in the manufacturing process, are protected in extreme conditions like moisture, dust and dirt, shocks and vibration, chemicals and oils and very high or low temperatures. There are also non-impregnated resolvers for use in high vacuum or at high pressures and high speeds, meeting the most adverse requirements.

If there is need for transmission of power, signals or data over rotary joints, LTN can tailor slip rings for needs within normal or harsh environments.

Use us as your partner at an early stage when designing your motor and drives systems. Leine Linde, LTN and you - we are stronger together. These are some examples of products and solutions.

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