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Implementing the latest technology in pulp & paper industries becomes easy when using a supplier who works with global needs. Leine Linde’s reliable and future-proof encoders make sure the paper machines can work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without unplanned breaks.

Use the Leine Linde encoders to establish even and reliable motor performance, conditional monitoring and functional safety in the production lines. This is how ADS UptimeTM, the advanced diagnostic system from Leine Linde, is now revolutionizing the process industries by simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting. Securing the encoder functionality and installation, it adds Industry 4.0/IIoT system integration and wireless connectivity for receiving data from every motor with ADS encoders.

Also, the functional safety encoders FSI 800 secure safety for drives. The FSI encoders come with functionalities for safe speed monitoring, safe motion and safe standstill, together with all the right certifications to allow access to rotating machinery during operations, in accordance with European Machinery Directives. Safety is a global concern. Rely on your encoders where productivity matters!

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