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Both Leine Linde and LTN work with the aim to be close to our customers, and easy to get in touch with! Contact our experienced sales teams near your region, and we will help you.

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Fresh momentum in wind power!

Leine Linde LTN is the main point of contact within the HEIDENHAIN group of companies for wind energy industry. We represent the group-wide industry sales for Leine Linde, LTN Servotechnik, E+E Electronics and HEIDENHAIN. Our rotary encoders, temperature and humidity sensors, and slip rings can all cope with the requirements from this demanding industry. With an attentive, holistic approach to your needs we bring a wide selection of both standard and customized products to the market.

On the top of this, we develop new solutions, which really make a difference! You may already know our YAWMO®/PITCHMO®, which are encoders for the yaw and pitch system where also functional safety, including limit switch functionality, is available. Or our slip ring ADSR®, with an integrated diagnostic system to simplify condition-based maintenance. We also developed the EMS system, which measures the strain and monitors the load of all the main relevant components such as rotor blades and tower, thereby making it possible to increase the overall energy output and lower the levelized cost of energy.

Unique to Leine Linde LTN is also our team of application specialists. They understand in depth how the wind energy turbines are operating and which functionalities are required to optimize the operation in the future. And yes, they are used to climbing up a turbine in case it is required.

Read more about products on Leine Linde, LTN, E+E and HEIDENHAIN websites, and don’t hesitate to contact us!

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