Some of the Leine & Linde solutions

Absolute encoders are the reliable and smart servants of the automation system, providing realtime position feedback for control with absolute confidence. Leine & Linde offers both rotary and linear absolute encoders with the ability to withstand tough conditions in harsh environments. They are known for their durability, and come with a wide range of different output signals and fieldbus interfaces. 

Here you can find a selection of Leine & Linde’s most beloved encoders for automation. Read more at Leine & Linde’s website.

Some of the LTN solutions

Transmission of power and signals is crucial for the most efficient automation systems of today and tomorrow. 
LTN provides customized solutions for signals with more or less complexity, to fit perfectly with your application. 

Here you can find some of LTN’s most popular automation products. Read more at LTN’s website.

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