Heavy Duty

Heavy duty operations and harsh conditions

Some of the Leine & Linde solutions

Robust and reliable encoder solutions are the hallmark of Leine & Linde. The company has served the steel, paper, marine, mining and wind power industries with reliable process control feedback solutions for more than half a century, living up to challenging environments where unbroken production uptime and performance matters the most. Ex certified encoders for hazardous environments are also available.

Here you can find some of Leine & Linde’s encoders and solutions for heavy duty use. Read more at Leine & Linde’s website.

Some of the LTN solutions

LTN resolvers can withstand the most severe shocks or constant vibration and are insensitive to the influence of chemicals, oil, water and dust. Brushless resolvers operate without wear, and are fail-safe - even in the harshest environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures. LTN resolvers are not just made, they are tailormade. The company is also known for their engineering solutions, which is why you should always ask them for smart solutions to your electric transmission needs.

Here you can find some of LTN’s most popular products and solutions for heavy duty use.  Read more at LTN’s website.

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