Motors & Drives

Motors & Drives

Some of the Leine & Linde solutions

Leine & Linde's incremental encoders are perfectly suited for process control in motors and drive systems, with their accuracy and extreme durability. Their built-in condition monitoring solutions minimize downtime in the motor installation as a whole. Integrated functional safety solutions make sure you comply with the Machinery Directives where needed. The best encoders are those you never have to think about.

Here you can find a selection of Leine & Linde’s most beloved products for motors & drives. Read more at Leine & Linde’s website.

Some of the LTN Solutions

LTN is a world-leading German resolver producer, with the capacity to deliver both the quality and the quantities. For servomotors in machines or machine tools, as well as in automotive industry applications like hybride drives or Formula 1 racing, the LTN resolvers provide their feedback signals while withstanding severe shocks and constant vibration. LTN also manufactures incremental encoders. All are reliable, premium-quality and tailored to your needs.

Here you can find some of LTN’s most popular products and solutions for motors & drives.  Read more at LTN’s website.

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