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Reduce cost and increase efficiency in wind energy industry! Learn more at HUSUM Wind, stand 4D03.

The Elongation Measurement System (EMS) offers here a comprehensive approach that attempts to optimally support all involved interfaces of the wind turbine manufacturer – from integration to operation – on the basis of a seven-phase concept.

Want to know more? Welcome to our stand 4D03 at the Husum Congress Hall in Germany, 10 - 13 September.

Some of the product highlights at Leine Linde LTN stand 4D03

Pitch slip rings, ADSR®, rotary encoders (absolute, incremental, optical, inductive, magnetic), strain sensor EMS - Elongation Measurement System, temperature, humidity and condensate sensors, cables + leads, functional safety, FSI ®, position and limit switches YAWMO® / PITCHMO®, EnDat and Resolver.

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Leine Linde LTN - the hub for wind industry

With our functional components we are your central point of contact for any of the equipment found in the wind turbine – from rotary encoders, slip rings, resolvers and prefabricated cables all the way through to pitch motors and sensors. We are well aware that each location and every environment comes with its own special requirements and specifications, with each design calling for a specific solution. This is why you find standard and customized products here: you tell us what you need, and we find the right solution for you. Read more about the story of Leine Linde LTN.

Wind Energy Industry

Leine Linde LTN is the main point of contact within the HEIDENHAIN group of companies for wind energy industry. We represent the group-wide wind industry sales for Leine Linde, LTN Servotechnik, E+E Electronics and other HEIDENHAIN companies.