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Welcome to meet us at the SPS, Hall 4A, Stand 351

Both Leine Linde and LTN work with the aim to be close to our customers, and easy to get in touch with! Meet Leine Linde LTN at SPS in Nuremberg from 26 to 28 November 2019 or contact our experienced sales teams near your region, and we will help you.

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Welcome to meet Leine Linde LTN at SPS in Nuremberg, Hall 4A, Stand 351 from 26 to 28 November 2019.

Longer life-time and uninterrupted production

  • Products for speed and position feedback in motors and drives systems or automation.
  • Products for the transmission of power, signals and real-time data over slip rings.

Meet us in hall 4A stand 351 to learn more about the latest solutions to bring you uninterrupted production! 

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Condition monitoring

Slip rings, encoders and sensors with condition monitoring are enabling you to see impending faults and act before any problems occur. Use these clever components to collect data from crucial points in the automation process and upgrade to Industry 4.0/IIoT process management.

Robust, customizable, versatile!

Designed to be extremely robust and produced with the highest quality standards. The encoders and resolvers provided by Leine Linde LTN are made for a long service life and withstand harsh conditions. Tell us about your requirements! We have both standard and customizable solutions, and a well-proven experience in providing certified products.

The same goes for our slip rings! Also where your  need is complex, we know how to handle it. For example, ask us about high-resolution video signals or real-time protocols. You can trust the details to us!

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Leine Linde LTN graphical element Leine Linde and LTN are sister companies. Two strong brands, working with a joint sales organisation for many parts of the world. The sales offices of Leine Linde LTN can offer a wider range of products and solutions with a high level of ambition to care for the clients.

We believe in technology. And in the people who use it. Give us a call!